Turtle Salts


Turtle salts can help prevent skin infections and can aid in the healing of small abrasions. These salts help make the water in turtle tanks more like what occurs in nature by replacing many of the key minerals lost when water is treated for human consumption.

How to Use:

Using (Length x Width x Depth of water) divided by 1000, determine the volume of water in your tank (result will be in LITRES). Add the capacity of your filter (if external) in LITRES. Remove your turtle from the tank and add 4 grams of Turtle Salts per litre. Wait one hour until fully dissolved before replacing turtle.

Replace appropriate amount of salts when removing water from the tank (not through evaporation).

Available in 1,2,3,4 and 5kg bags as well as 10kg buckets.

All profits made by Moonya Trading from the manufacture, packaging and sale of these products are donated to Turtles Australia Inc. to fund ongoing conservation projects.

Visit www.turtlesaustralia.org.au for more information.