Keeping The Monsters Out... Large Collection Maintenance and Reptile Quarantine [E-Book and Video]



Keeping reptiles can be addictive! What starts as a simple interest in reptiles and the acquisition of a single animal can very quickly snowball into an unbridled need to have more and more animals. One becomes two; two becomes ten and on it goes… 

With an increasing collection size in both number and value comes some issues that every reptile keeper needs to consider. These include:
1. Maintaining a large collection; 
2. Quarantine procedures for new animals and; 
3. What diseases need to be kept out of a reptile collection. 

This presents some concepts, tips and advice on all three of these issues.

Whether you already have a large collection of reptiles or are just considering expanding this video has lots of useful information.

Length: E-book - 14 pages; Video - 34:24 mins