Ivermectin Concentrate


Ivermectin is a paraciticide used in cattle, horses and sheep to control gastrointestinal worms.

As a diluted solution it can applied to snakes and lizards infested with mites.

Available as 5ml bottles.

Ivermectin should NEVER be given to turtles as it is highly toxic to them. 

Protect Ivermectin from light to prevent it degrading.

Make up spray fresh each time it is to be used.

Directions For Use

  • If treating lizards place a drop of artificial tears (available from veterinarians and chemists) in each eye as protection against absorption. Snakes do not require this as they have a protective scale over their eye.
  • Dissolve 0.5ml in 1 litre water and shake well
  • Spray the animals body all over with the Ivermectin solution. Concentrate on the eyelids, corners of the mouth and other body crevices. Wipe the head with a cloth soaked in the solution or use a light spray. Keep the animals nose pointing towards the ground with the mouth closed to avoid any of the solution getting into the mouth or nostrils.
  • Allow the medication to stay on the animal for 60 minutes and then wash the animal thoroughly in warm water. Place the animal in a very well ventilated mite-free enclosure with newspaper as the substrate.
  • Repeat again 14 days and 28 days later (i.e. 3 treatments each 2 weeks apart).