EarthPro-InsectiGold is an insect-rich whole diet for insectivores. This clever mix follows on from the ever popular EarthPro-OmniGold by delivering high quality, whole food goodness to those species that require a little more in the way of insect protein (over 40%).

This mix is perfect to use with species including the bearded dragon but it can also be used with some monitor lizards, other dragons, geckos and some amphibians.

EarthPro-InsectiGold is balanced with small amounts of bio-available plants, vitamins and minerals, our full spectrum carotenoid and contains honey, bee pollen and a probiotic. EarthPro-InsectiGold is the ‘gold standard’ for insect eating animals.

This diet has been specifically developed to help make up for the shortfall between the wild and the captive diet. It will greatly increase dietary variety and enable you as a keeper to provide for their ‘wild-like’ needs.

EarthPro-InsectiGold is simply mixed with hot water and then left to set into a natural and easy to feed gel. Small amounts can be made up for daily feeds or larger batches made and then frozen to be defrosted as you need at a later date.

EarthPro-InsectiGold can be cut into cubes or lumps and offered in a dish, be tong-fed or rolled into balls. Some species of insect eating reptile associate movement with feeding, as such balls of InsectiGold can be rolled in front of the animal where they will see the high insect content in the food and start to eat.

Reptile nutrition is a complex process containing many essential parameters. These include the ingestion of both food and water but also external sources of ‘nutrition’ being heat and light including UV. These core parameters of nutrition are also dependent on providing good mental and physical enrichment, as such the provision of live feeders to activate wild-like hunting is essential. Make sure you provide well gutloaded livefoods to provide for the enrichment need of your pet.


  • Easy to make and feed as required.
  • Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Bee Pollen and Honey.
  • Can be frozen and thawed as required.



All Insectivorous species including bearded dragons, monitors, geckos and frogs.

How To Use:

Mix with hot water as per instructions and leave to cool. It will then form a gel that can be moulded and shaped into balls or chunks. Feed as per the needs of your species and size of animal and alongside a variety of livefoods and other fresh foods to ensure further variety, mental/physical enrichment. Discard uneaten food daily.


Black soldier fly larvae, brown rice flour, beetle, protein powder, calcium carbonate, mealworm, shrimp, carrot, banana, mineral powder, papaya, dicalcium phosphate, coconut milk, locust bean gum, blood powder, apple, dandelion, hibiscus, alfalfa, honey, bee pollen, spirulina powder, rosemary extract.

Nutritional Additives:

Vitamin B1 10mg/kg, vitamin B2 16mg/kg, vitamin B6 20mg/kg, vitamin B12 50mcg/kg, vitamin K 6mg/kg, nicotinic 80mg/kg, pantothenic 40mg/kg, folic acid 5mg/kg, biotin 1000mcg/kg.

Analytical Constituents:

Crude protein 33%, crude fats & oils 10%, crude fibre 7%, crude ash 6%.