Have You Seen The Light?... Getting Reptile Lighting Right! [E-Book and Video]



When it comes to reptile lighting there is one word that can be used to describe it... CONFUSING!

Light literally means life to reptiles.
Every aspect of their lives is governed by it. Whether that light be provided by the sun or by artificial means, reptiles are literally solar powered.
Reptile keepers must be very conscious of providing their animals with the correct types of light, in the correct form and for the correct length of time. Failure to do so has the very real potential of causing both short and long term health issues. The subject of reptile lighting is quite possibly the most misunderstood aspect of reptile husbandry. It is not surprising that there is much debate and confusion about this topic!
This E-Book and video presentation covers the following topics:
  • What is light?
  • Infrared Light
  • Visible Light
  • Ultraviolet Light
  • Lighting Terminology
  • Reptile Vision
  • Types of Reptile Lights
  • UV Meters
  • Ferguson's Zones
  • Do Snakes and Nocturnal Animals Need UV Light?
  • Mercury and Light Disposal
  • Choosing The Right Lights
Length: E-book - 19 pages; Video - 49:04 mins