Calcium Syrup 200mls


In order to prevent conditions such as Metabolic Bone Disease many reptile and amphibian species require calcium supplements in their diets.

Calcium can be provided in the form of powders dusted onto insects and other foods. These powders are often unpalatable and in addition the type of calcium in them is not well absorbed into the body.

Liquid calcium supplements offer a better alternative!

Calcium syrup is a very tasty caramel flavour. It can be mixed into your reptile's food or syringed down their mouth. Importantly it can be accurately dosed based on the animal's weight rather than just putting a "pinch" of calcium powder on the diet.

Calcium syrup contains 22mg/ml Calcium (as Calcium Glubionate and Calcium Lactobionate) which is readily absorbed from the intestine. 

Each 200ml bottle of Calcium Syrup is shipped with 2 1ml syringes to allow for accurate dosing.