All Natural Pet Bedding


All Natural Pet Bedding in a coarse grade vermiculite bedding substrate that is perfect for use with many species of reptiles including dragons, snakes and monitors.

Made from 100% vermiculite All Natural Pet Bedding is non-toxic for pets. Other benefits include:

  • Absorbs smells so provides a natural odour control for enclosures
  • Provides excellent thermal insulation to trap heat and reduce power costs. In addition it is fire retardant so has no risk of catching fire like newspaper..
  • Lightweight
  • Absorbs moisture without swelling. Perfect for spot cleaning as faeces and urine are simply coated by the bedding and dried out. If swallowed the vermiculite does not swell and passes through the intestinal tract with no issues. There is no risk of obstruction.
  • Biodegradable. When replacing the bedding simply put it out on the garden!
  • Looks good. The colour and texture of the bedding is more naturalistic. Reptiles that like burrowing can dig through it so they can exhibit more of their natural behaviours.
  • No dust. The granules don't fall apart and become dusty.
  • A 16L bag will provide a 5-6cm thick layer in a standard 3 foot long enclosure.
  • Used by The Reptile Doctor for our own pets!