Reptile Mite Treatments

Reptile mites are a common problem in many reptile collections throughout the world. These blood-sucking parasites not only look bad on snakes, lizards and other animals they can also cause some serious health concerns. They can cause irritation, inflammation, problems with shedding, weight loss, anorexia and the development of secondary bacterial infections. In cases when infestation is severe it can result in significant anaemia and even death of the affected animal.


The products shown below have not been formally registered for use in reptiles and dose rates are generally formulated using sound scientific principles from our knowledge of other species, or are generally accepted as a result of the experience of experts in reptile medicine. While all due care is taken to ensure the appropriate recommendations are made concerning medications, where medications are used off-label the client accepts all risk of adverse reactions and there is no liability on the manufacturer, the author, or the seller of the product.