Arcadia Reptile EarthPro

The Arcadia Reptile EarthPro range of products is designed based on the belief that reptiles and amphibians have changed and adapted within their wild habitats over millenia in order to obtain everything they need from their environments. They have adapted to use a certain level of sunlight, warmth, water and nutrients to be healthy. If an animal obtains everything it needs to thrive from its environment, it would only be right to mimic this in a natural way that is safe, powerful and ethical. Arcadia call this theory "Wild-Recreation".

Reptile keepers have to use supplements and supplemented feeds with the aim to replace those missing or hard to obtain essential dietary elements. For many animals this has been a sometimes lifesaving, but rather inaccurate process. Through good science led research Arcadia are aiming to fix as much as possible these inaccuracies. 

The Arcadia EarthPro range consists of four categories:

  1. Vitamin and Mineral Supplements
  2. Foods, including Healthy Treats and Supplementary Foods
  3. Invertebrate Foods
  4. Substrates

Arcadia EarthPro - Our Story from Arcadia Reptile on Vimeo.